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Getting Ready for
Your Installation

Please check through the list below to guarantee

your garage is ready for your installation.



Clean out your garage.

Garage doors are installed from the inside of your garage, so your installers will need to place all of the panels, other garage door parts, and their tools in the garage and still have enough room to move around.  Your garage should be clear 10 feet back from the opening. Move any furniture or large items out of the garage and any small objects to the back of the garage. See picture below for reference.



Move your vehicle.

Park vehicles away from the garage and driveway, so the installers have enough room to work.

Your Installers will need space in the driveway to unload and reload the truck with materials.


Prepare your pets.

Pets afraid of loud noises?  Consider staying home with them or temporarily boarding them during the installation. If not, confine the pets inside and schedule a time to check in on them regularly.


Alert your neighbors.

As a courtesy, inform your neighbors of the date of your new garage door installation.

If you're also having a
new opener installed ...


Have any necessary new outlets installed.

If you’re installing an opener for the first time, or changing from an overhead to wall mount opener,

you’ll need to have an electrical outlet within 3 feet of your opener location.


Register and set up your myQ account.

Our LiftMaster openers connect with myQ, an app that allows you to monitor and operate your garage door with a click of a button. Prior to our arrival, it would be beneficial if you had the app downloaded and installed on your preferred device. Once opened, tap "Get Started", "Sign Up", then follow the prompts to create your account.

If you have an existing account, sign in to the app on your device to be ready for the connection to your new opener. For further assistance, click here.


Have your WiFi password available.

The installer will assist you in connecting the LiftMaster opener to your myQ app. In order to do so, you will need to know the name of your WiFi network as well as the password. 

How to Prepare for Your Garage Door Installation

How to Prepare for Your Garage Door Installation

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